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Juhu Half Marathon is an initiative of GetFit Thru Sports Foundation (GETFIT) and is jointly organized by Rotary Club of Bombay Airport.

The surplus from the event shall be spent for social causes pursued by both the organizations.

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11th February 2024

The event will have 2 'TIMED' race categories Half Marathon (21.097km) and 10km. Half Marathon (21.097km) and 10km routes are certified by "IAAF-AIMS", which will make this run qualify for TMM and other such Marathon Runs.

To encourage beginners to take up running, 4Km category Run is included for runners above 12 years.

The surplus from the event shall be spent for social causes pursued by both the organizations.

Event Highlights

  • The aim of Juhu Half Marathon is to promote fitness through long runs amongst Mumbaikars and people from the neighbouring cities.
  • The route passes through scenic Juhu Beach and Iconic Juhu Scheme area.
  • Around 6000+ participants including elite runners are expected for this event.
  • Attractive cash prizes and trophies will be given to first three runners in each age category of Half Marathon (21.097km) and 10km Run.
  • Sports Tshirts, Finishers Medals and Hot Breakfast will be provided to all the participants. Online Timing Certificates and In-action downloadable race day photographs will be available online for all the finishers of Half Marathon and 10K Run.
  • Medical facilities and recovery facilities will be available in hoarding area.
  • Winners of Cash prizes will be required to give Age proof and Aadhaar card PAN details for verification upon intimation by JHM of their eligibility.
  • Cash prizes will only be remitted to the bank accounts of the winner within 60 days of the event. For remittance, winners will be required to give their bank details.

Race Categories

Half Marathon

Rs.1500 + GST

10 Km Run

Rs.1250 + GST

Family 4 Km Run

Rs.850 + GST

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"Marathons aren't just about running; they're about the incredible sense of community. The cheers from spectators, the camaraderie with fellow runners, and the support from volunteers made me feel like I was part of something bigger than myself."

John Doe

"Crossing the finish line was an indescribable feeling. The sense of accomplishment and pride in what I had achieved was overwhelming. It taught me that with perseverance, dedication, and a strong support system, we can achieve even the most daunting goals."

Mellisa Doe

"I was a first timer and said I would never do one again but after running the race and experiencing the atmosphere and hospitality I am wanting to do it again. The way it was run and handled and the friendliness of the runners, volunteers and town's people have me wanting to return. Thank you!."

Ellisa Fins

"The people were super positive, they explained everything well, and they were just very nice. It was very well organized and they even went above and beyond to think of runners needs, thanks!."

Quenza Heinz

"On race day, the atmosphere was electric. The crowd's energy and the support of my family and friends along the course fueled my determination. There were moments when I hit the infamous 'wall,' but I pushed through, reminding myself of the months of preparation.

Sarah H.

"The race was very well organized and your volunteers were just awesome! Each aid station did a fabulous job and everyone was so friendly and encouraging."

Mike Shearer

"Completing a marathon changed my life. It taught me discipline, patience, and the importance of setting and pursuing ambitious goals. It's an experience that continues to inspire me in all aspects of life."

George W.

"Very organized. Great help at the aid stations. Great job! Your shirts and medals are always my favorites for any of the races I do in a year."


Embrace the Journey, Conquer the Distance

Major surplus received by RCBA from this JHM will go towards more pediatric heart surgeries.